Terms of use

Your use of the Shiavideo Service signifies your acceptance of these General Conditions of Use ("T & Cs"). We invite you to read them carefully.

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1.1. Shiavideo is an innovative, free video hosting site For islamic Videos , allowing users to access, view, upload, store and share videos. The Shiavideo Service is made up of the Shiavideo website, the Shiavideo video player which can be exported to all third-party sites, the Shiavideo applications and “web-apps”, being accessible (online or offline) via any medium, in particular: smartphones, tablets, consoles games, IP / IPTV platforms connected to a high-speed Internet network according to the IP protocol, televisions connected to the Internet or any existing or future device, and, in general, to all products, content, channels, software, Shiavideo data flow, services and functionality (“ Shiavideo Services ”).

1.2. By accessing and / or using the Shiavideo Service without being logged into a Shiavideo Account, You will be considered a “Visitor” . As a Visitor, You will only be able to access, view or share the videos available on the Shiavideo Service, but You will not be able to benefit from the other features of the Shiavideo Service. A “Shiavideo Account” means the storage space for video content on the Shiavideo Service dedicated to a Subscriber or a User, which is created following a registration on the www.Shiavideo.com site .

1.3. If You want to be able to upload videos and access other features of the Shiavideo Service, You will first need to create a Shiavideo Account and validate Your email address. You will then be considered a “User” , it being understood, however, that following the creation of Your Shiavideo Account and until Your email address is validated according to the process described below, You will be considered only as a “ Registered ”and will therefore not be able to upload videos or access other features of the Shiavideo Service.

1.4. Any information You provide to us in order to create Your Shiavideo Account must be correct and complete. In order for Shiavideo to verify that the email address You provided to us is valid, You will receive an email from Shiavideo asking You to validate Your email address.

1.5. By creating a Shiavideo Account, You acknowledge that You are solely responsible (towards Shiavideo and any third party) for all activities taking place on Your Shiavideo Account. The username and password necessary to access Your Shiavideo Account and its functionalities are under Your exclusive responsibility and it is Your obligation to keep them confidential.

1.6. As a User, You will also be able to access other additional features of the Shiavideo Service, and from the moment You accept the terms of use of the Shiavideo Partner Program, You will become a “Partner” and You will then have the opportunity to monetize the Content that You have uploaded to Your Shiavideo Account.

1.7. If You are a User, You can in particular upload video files (in accordance with these T & Cs) on the Shiavideo Service, and benefit from a pseudonym and an avatar which will be associated with Your Shiavideo Account. All the elements that You put online on the Shiavideo Service are considered “Your Content” . If You are not a Partner, Your Content may be automatically put in “private mode” making Your Content viewable on the Shiavideo website only to people knowing the URL link associated with Your Content. However, You or any other person will still have the option of exporting Your Content to any third party site via the Shiavideo video player.